Gorilla Glue is a strong glue that works extremely well on all kinds of projects.  It is found in many households and is a common medical emergency for dogs.  If any amount is swallowed, it can expand and cause an obstruction in your dogs stomach where emergency surgery would be required.  It contains isocyanate polyurethane adhesives.  Other glues contain this also, so it’s best to beware of all glue products.

It has a sweet smell and taste, so even if you have a dog that doesn’t get into everything, this could attract them anyway.

We use this glue regularly on our craft projects and have been guilty of leaving it on a craft table within reach of our dogs and cats.  We certainly won’t do that again!  We are putting all of our craft glues in a box with a lid on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.  It’s best to keep it completely out of reach of pets.  Don’t let your pets in the area when you are working with glue, and be sure to clean up any spills promptly.  Don’t leave it unattended.

If you have any handymen or contractors in your home, be sure to use caution if they use these glue products.

These issues affect dogs more often, it can also affect cats too.  Especially ones who climb all over your work table! So, please let other pet owners know about this dangerous product.  We had no idea that something like this could happen from such an innocent product.



Wildfire’s are currently burning in several states.  In Arizona we deal with this every year, it seems that they just get one contained and then another one starts.  It is so sad to think about all the trees that are burned and all the animals that are being displaced.

We are very thankful to all the firefighters and hot shot crews that go in to keep everyone safe.  Many times they have to put into effect a pre-evacuation notice for certain areas.

Along with everything else you need to think of, here are a few things you can prepare ahead of time for your pets.  Pet food, either an extra bag or you could put some in a plastic container or zip lock bag.  Extra water for them.  Cat litter, medication with written instructions.  Collars with identification, leashes, vaccination records and a maybe a special blanket or toy for comfort.

There may be other things you think of as you are putting things together.  It help’s to be prepared, just in case.

Stay safe everyone and have a great holiday weekend!


Nepeta cataria is more than just a feel good herb for cats.  It has many benefits for us humans also.  It can be eaten, consumed in the form of juice or tea, or smoked as an herb.  Alternative practitioners use to to treat the common cold and fever by inducing sweating.  It also comes in a salve for easy use on those bug bites.  Other benefits of catnip include:

Relieving insomnia

Relief from constipation and bloating

Can aide in treating arthritis, gout and sprained muscles

Relief from stress and reduces chronic anxiety

Relieves cramps, stress and pain during menustration

Effective in treating headaches and chronic migrains

For all the good things it helps, there are (of course) warnings that come with it’s use.  Pregnant women should avoid catnip as it might cause premature labor.  It can also be risky for liver and kidney disorders.  So be sure to check all the warnings before consuming.  It seems that no matter how natural something is there is always a down side to everything!

Have a great Monday!

Heat wave warnings

We have had excessive heat warnings all over Arizona.  Several people have died from it already.  And several animals as well.  We are always so sad to hear this because it is preventable.  Dogs and humans both can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Dogs do not sweat so they expel the heat by panting.  Signs that a dog is overheated includes heavy panting, lethargy, and excessive drooling.  They can also be disoriented and unwilling to move around.  If you see this move them out of the heat immediately  and cool them down with water.   See your vet immediately if symptoms continue.

Make sure your pets always have lots of clean drinking water available.  And make sure they can get to it at all times.  I have found in the past that an ice chest is great for holding water in the summer.  It doesn’t tip over easily and helps keep the water cool.  Make sure your pets always have shade.  Pets who are kept outside should be brought inside on excessive heat days.

Exercise in the evening or early morning hours.  If the pavement is too hot to step on barefoot, it is too hot for your pets.  Do not assume pavement is cool in the evening, it takes awhile to cool off.  Signs that a dog’s paws have been burnt include limping, blisters on the foot pad, or licking the area.

Never leave your pets alone in a parked car.  Even with the windows rolled down.  The interior of a vehicle will hear up very quickly and can cause death.

Please take care of your pets all summer long, it can become a difference of life and death.

On a lighter note: today is National Take Your Pet to Work Day.  Even though we work from home, our dogs check in with us in the office on a regular basis.


10 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

1. Rotate Toys- They get bored with their toys too.

2. Go For A Walk- Daily walks are an important part of your dogs physical and mental health.

3. Train Obedience- Trained dogs are happy dogs. They like to make you happy.

4. Teach New Tricks- A great way to spend time together. Remember old dogs can learn new tricks.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight- Excess weight increases body temperature, limits their day to day play time and can increase risk for medical conditions.

6. Play More- Even if it’s only 10 minutes builds a great relationship between you and your dog.

7. Be Consistent-Dogs like consistent rules and boundaries to make you happy.

8. Give them a bath- Our dogs don’t enjoy baths, but they do enjoy feeling clean and fresh. Also gets rid of allergies this time of year.

9. Verbal and Physical Praise- Spending a little time petting and praising your dog will make them feel comfortable, secure and loved.

10.Try New Treats- Most dogs have a few favorites. Trying a new treat is great to add to the mix.

Meowy Monday: Cat Nip Infused Cat Toys

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday so far! Today’s Meowy Monday is about cat nip infused cat toys. I don’t know if you’ve seen these new special “boxes” meant specifically for infusing toys but we’ve seen them a few times at pet stores around our city. We would look at them and just kind of wonder why would we pay so much for something that we have already made at home? That’s right it’s so easy to make all it requires, a shoe box with lid, cat nip and cat toys. It’s pretty self explanatory, place cat toys in box and sprinkle with cat nip close lid. This also doubles as a toy for the cats because they can smell the cat nip and it’s quite fun to watch them try to open the box.

So it’s functional and entertaining! If you have other ways that you infuse your cats toys, please share!