WORKING PARENTS DAY (working hard so our fur babies can have a better life)

Most families lead very busy lives.  So even though this should be your day to celebrate, here are a few things that might make your life a little easier when you are hard at work.  There is nothing worse than coming home and finding a little mess because your fur babies got bored.  They do love you and appreciate all that you do for them!

Leave T.V. on.  Maybe you can find an animal show that has various sounds that are appealing to your dog.  For some reason, we have always left the Disney channel on for our pets.  This is our go to channel when TV is on but nobody is watching it.  So, it has familiar sounds that are different.  And, we can trust it not to play a show that is inappropriate for anybody!

Provide a window or door that they can see out of.  When we first put new blinds up in our new home, the dogs destroyed the lower half trying to see out. So, now we leave them pulled up about a foot on all windows at their level.  This makes everybody happy and saves the blinds.

A treat filled toy such as a Kong filled with dog safe peanut butter or some treats can keep them busy for quite a while.  We even freeze ours sometimes to make it a little extra challenging.  Some sites even suggest freezing toys into clumps of ice,  this is a great idea especially in the warmer months.  My dogs, however would carry these treats around to our couches and beds and make a big melted mess.  Maybe this treat would be good for outside.

You could create a scavenger hunt for your pets.  ( in all the spare time you have trying to get to work on time)  Hide snacks in various places around the house and make them work for them.  I hide snacks under their dog beds.  I just saw a cute doggy game using a muffin tin and tennis balls.  Hide a few snacks in the tins and place tennis balls over each spot,  they need to move all the tennis balls in order to find the rewards.

Exercise!  A few minutes of playing catch or a quick walk before you leave wears them out and hopefully they will nap for a few hours.

Some dogs like self-fetching toys and will enjoy using those while you are gone.

Just like us – a comfortable room with soothing sounds will help them remain calm at home.  I leave a radio on upstairs so they can listen to that when they are up there.  It also masks some of the outside sounds that upset them and make them bark.



Things our dogs Teach Us

When someone is having a rough day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.

Never pretend to be something you’re not.

If what you want is buried, keep digging until you find it.

Be a loyal friend.

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.

Take in the simple joy of fresh air and wind in your face.

Be a loyal friend.

Run, romp and play daily.

Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

Avoid biting when a growl will do.

Take a long walk and take time to smell the roses.

Always run to greet your family when they get home.

Take naps.

Dance around and wag your tail when you are happy.

Stretch before rising.

Look at the people you love like they’re the best thing since peanut butter.




  1.  This is the cat’s home, not yours, so show some respect.  If you are invited over than you know us well enough to know we have cats.
  2.   If you want to sit down, find an empty seat.  Don’t expect the cat to move.
  3.   Don’t sit down if you don’t expect to get some cat hair on you.
  4.   Don’t ask me to remove the cat from the room, would you ask someone to remove their kid when you come over?
  5.   If you are allergic to cats. Don’t come over or take a pill and quit whining!
  6.   Don’t shoo the cat away if he wants to say hello, that’s rude!
  7.   If the cat chooses to sit on you, feel honored, not annoyed.  He obviously thinks you’re a good person.
  8.   I don’t need your opinion on what you think about the cat.
  9.   Don’t say “It’s just a cat”to me.  It’s offensive, the cat is part of my family.
  10. Remember, I prefer the cat!

These are just some funny guidelines for cat owners.  Some of them are true.  Our own cats mostly hide if strangers are present.  I vacuum frequently, but the chances of getting cat or dog hair on you are good.We do enjoy visitors, but our cats and dogs live here!

I hope everybody is having a safe and Happy Labor Day!


National Watermelon Day

This is a cool summer treat that you and your dogs can enjoy together.  Dog’s get vitamin A, B6 and vitamin C from this cold refreshing snack.  It is a good source of fiber that boosts your dog’s digestive system.  Watermelon is low in fat and cholesterol, so you don’t have to worry about weight gain. It also has nutrients that boost a dog’s immune system.

Whether you freeze into bite size chunks or give them a fresh hunk of this sweet snack – Be sure to remove the seeds!



Celebrate National Mutt Day!

National Mutt Day is a celebration of dogs of mixed breeds.  These dogs are smart, healthy and well behaved.  They take all the best of pure bred dogs and mix them up into funny, quirky and loving puppies and dogs.

Shelters are full of mixed breed dogs or mutts this time of year.  If you are looking to adopt a furrever friend, today would be a great day to!  Our two dogs, Calypso (a mixed breed black lab) and Indiana Bones ( a mixed breed of german shephard and a little bit of everything else!) are our best friends and part of the family.  They are great dogs and we are lucky to have them.

So celebrate this day by saving a life and promoting a national holiday.

Paws For This Important Information

Dog paws are actually pretty unique!  Did you know that they carry the majority of their weight in their toes?  You need to make sure their toe nails are a good length. Nails should not click on the floor when they walk.  My dogs wear their claws down on the cement when they run, but if yours require trimming you can contact a vet or a dog groomer to show you how to do it.   Checking them once a week gets them used to you trimming them and keeps them at a good length.

The pads of your dogs feet are made up mostly of fatty tissue, that’s why they don’t  get so cold in the snow.  Rock salt can irritate and burn their paws though.  Be sure to clean them well if your dog is exposed to it.   The hot summer pavement can burn and blister their paws.  So, if it’s too hot on the pavement for you walk on barefoot, chances are good it is for them to.  Dog’s have sweat glands  in their paws to help keep them cool.

The dew claw – the little random claw that hangs a few inches above the paw is thought to be a remnant of what used to be a thumb.  Not all dogs have them.  Dogs use their dew claws to help hold toys and bones in their grasp as they chew on them.  Some of them use them to navigate rocky mountain terrains.

Larger breeds such as St. Bernard’s and Newfoundlands have very wide paws to give them a better grip in snow and ice.  Other breeds like Akita’s, Dobermans and Grey Hounds have smaller feet with higher arches. This helps them with endurance because their paws are lighter.

Dogs with furry feet need to have the hair between their toes and the bottom of their feet trimmed so they don’t pick up extra stickers or get dirt and mud bunched up in there.  Why is it that dogs with hairy feet are the most ticklish?

Like us, dogs enjoy a little spa time. Moisturizing their paws will keep them in good health and their feet from cracking.  At night when we are all ready to relax a little, we will clean their paws and apply coconut oil to the pads.  We save those random socks without mates to put on their paws so even if they do happen to chew them up it’s not a big loss.  And when they get tired of the socks and want to lick their paws, the coconut oil is healthy for them.

We hope this helps keep your puppy paws happy!


Keeping kitties cool isn’t that hard as they are capable of finding a cool spot to nap.  But, if the heat is getting the best of you and your cat placing a damp towel on tile in front of a fan or air conditioner can create a cool zone for them.

Be sure you double check your doors and screen doors and make sure they are secure so pets don’t slip out into the hot outdoors.  Our garage door leading to the garage doesn’t always close during this time of year, so we always listen for the slam.

You can whip up a frosty treat for your feline fur babies by mixing wet cat food with a little water and freeze.  This is a lickable treat that can last for hours.  You could put these in ice cube trays to keep some on hand for dog days of summer still ahead.

We hope these tips help your cats thrive in the heat.