WORKING PARENTS DAY (working hard so our fur babies can have a better life)

Most families lead very busy lives.  So even though this should be your day to celebrate, here are a few things that might make your life a little easier when you are hard at work.  There is nothing worse than coming home and finding a little mess because your fur babies got bored.  They do love you and appreciate all that you do for them!

Leave T.V. on.  Maybe you can find an animal show that has various sounds that are appealing to your dog.  For some reason, we have always left the Disney channel on for our pets.  This is our go to channel when TV is on but nobody is watching it.  So, it has familiar sounds that are different.  And, we can trust it not to play a show that is inappropriate for anybody!

Provide a window or door that they can see out of.  When we first put new blinds up in our new home, the dogs destroyed the lower half trying to see out. So, now we leave them pulled up about a foot on all windows at their level.  This makes everybody happy and saves the blinds.

A treat filled toy such as a Kong filled with dog safe peanut butter or some treats can keep them busy for quite a while.  We even freeze ours sometimes to make it a little extra challenging.  Some sites even suggest freezing toys into clumps of ice,  this is a great idea especially in the warmer months.  My dogs, however would carry these treats around to our couches and beds and make a big melted mess.  Maybe this treat would be good for outside.

You could create a scavenger hunt for your pets.  ( in all the spare time you have trying to get to work on time)  Hide snacks in various places around the house and make them work for them.  I hide snacks under their dog beds.  I just saw a cute doggy game using a muffin tin and tennis balls.  Hide a few snacks in the tins and place tennis balls over each spot,  they need to move all the tennis balls in order to find the rewards.

Exercise!  A few minutes of playing catch or a quick walk before you leave wears them out and hopefully they will nap for a few hours.

Some dogs like self-fetching toys and will enjoy using those while you are gone.

Just like us – a comfortable room with soothing sounds will help them remain calm at home.  I leave a radio on upstairs so they can listen to that when they are up there.  It also masks some of the outside sounds that upset them and make them bark.



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