1.  This is the cat’s home, not yours, so show some respect.  If you are invited over than you know us well enough to know we have cats.
  2.   If you want to sit down, find an empty seat.  Don’t expect the cat to move.
  3.   Don’t sit down if you don’t expect to get some cat hair on you.
  4.   Don’t ask me to remove the cat from the room, would you ask someone to remove their kid when you come over?
  5.   If you are allergic to cats. Don’t come over or take a pill and quit whining!
  6.   Don’t shoo the cat away if he wants to say hello, that’s rude!
  7.   If the cat chooses to sit on you, feel honored, not annoyed.  He obviously thinks you’re a good person.
  8.   I don’t need your opinion on what you think about the cat.
  9.   Don’t say “It’s just a cat”to me.  It’s offensive, the cat is part of my family.
  10. Remember, I prefer the cat!

These are just some funny guidelines for cat owners.  Some of them are true.  Our own cats mostly hide if strangers are present.  I vacuum frequently, but the chances of getting cat or dog hair on you are good.We do enjoy visitors, but our cats and dogs live here!

I hope everybody is having a safe and Happy Labor Day!


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