Paws For This Important Information

Dog paws are actually pretty unique!  Did you know that they carry the majority of their weight in their toes?  You need to make sure their toe nails are a good length. Nails should not click on the floor when they walk.  My dogs wear their claws down on the cement when they run, but if yours require trimming you can contact a vet or a dog groomer to show you how to do it.   Checking them once a week gets them used to you trimming them and keeps them at a good length.

The pads of your dogs feet are made up mostly of fatty tissue, that’s why they don’t  get so cold in the snow.  Rock salt can irritate and burn their paws though.  Be sure to clean them well if your dog is exposed to it.   The hot summer pavement can burn and blister their paws.  So, if it’s too hot on the pavement for you walk on barefoot, chances are good it is for them to.  Dog’s have sweat glands  in their paws to help keep them cool.

The dew claw – the little random claw that hangs a few inches above the paw is thought to be a remnant of what used to be a thumb.  Not all dogs have them.  Dogs use their dew claws to help hold toys and bones in their grasp as they chew on them.  Some of them use them to navigate rocky mountain terrains.

Larger breeds such as St. Bernard’s and Newfoundlands have very wide paws to give them a better grip in snow and ice.  Other breeds like Akita’s, Dobermans and Grey Hounds have smaller feet with higher arches. This helps them with endurance because their paws are lighter.

Dogs with furry feet need to have the hair between their toes and the bottom of their feet trimmed so they don’t pick up extra stickers or get dirt and mud bunched up in there.  Why is it that dogs with hairy feet are the most ticklish?

Like us, dogs enjoy a little spa time. Moisturizing their paws will keep them in good health and their feet from cracking.  At night when we are all ready to relax a little, we will clean their paws and apply coconut oil to the pads.  We save those random socks without mates to put on their paws so even if they do happen to chew them up it’s not a big loss.  And when they get tired of the socks and want to lick their paws, the coconut oil is healthy for them.

We hope this helps keep your puppy paws happy!


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